Encolor Fashions - tights for darker skin tones

Sheer tights for women of colour

Encolor presents 5 shades of ultra sheer tights and pantyhose that make good legs look great.

Sheer tights and pantyhose just for you

Look the part, get the feeling, you are what you wear. Choose the right shade to match the colour of your legs.

Skin Tone / Coloured Tights and Pantyhose for women of colour

Your legs will look and feel the way you always wanted them to be.

Women of colour have always had trouble finding the right hosiery to suit their skin shade.  Now all that is about to change - we are presenting five shades of ultra sheer skin tone / coloured tights for brown and black skin.

You are no longer condemned to wearing black, opaque and colours that do not compliment your darker skin and make you look out of place.

You can now choose the right sheer tights and pantyhose to match the darker skin tones of your legs. You owe it to yourself to look good. You are what you wear.

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Encolor Fashions, 24 Darrell Close, Slough
Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL3 7QN